Christian Saints Podcast

All Saints (repeat)

October 29, 2022 Darren C. Ong Season 3 Episode 7
Christian Saints Podcast
All Saints (repeat)
Show Notes

Since All Saints Day is coming up, (and since I am busy catching up on some work deadlines) I thought it would be good to re-release our inaugral episode, about All Saints Day.

We consider the concept of Christian sainthood in general, and the role of the saints in traditional Christian faith and devotion. We reflect on the account of the "Great Multitude in White Robes" in the Revelation of John (Revelation 7:9-17),  and the commemorative hymns and prayers for All Saints Day in the Anglican, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox traditions. We read excerpts from a post by Father Myles Hixson on the Anglican Compass website, an All Saints' Day homily by Pope Francis, and a homily by the 14th century Orthodox theologian, St Gregory Palamas.

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