Christian Saints Podcast

The Holy Prophet Jonah

September 23, 2023 James John Marks
Christian Saints Podcast
The Holy Prophet Jonah
Show Notes

The Prophet Jonah (September 21/22)

Reference materials for this episode:
Jonah’s Journeys (material regarding connection of Jonah to Elijah or Elisha)
  — Barbara Green OP, PhD
  — ISBN: 9780814650387, 5038

Saint Jerome's commentary on Jonah: Translation with introduction and critical notes
  — Timothy Hegedus PhD
  — Biblical Studies Commons

The Prophet Jonah in the Writings of the Church Fathers

The Sign of Jonah
  — Fr John Breck

Scripture citations for this episode:
The Book of Jonah
1 Kings 17 (3 Kingdoms in Greek tradition)
2 Kings 4 & 14 (4 Kingdoms in Greek tradition)
Tobit 14 (found in Roman Catholic & Eastern Orthodox Old Testament collections)
Matthew 12, 16 & 21
Luke 11
John 4
1 Timothy 1:15

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