Christian Saints Podcast

Farewell for now

December 04, 2021 Darren C. Ong Season 1 Episode 59
Christian Saints Podcast
Farewell for now
Show Notes Transcript

The Christian Saints Podcast will go on an indefinite hiatus. This short episode is a farewell and thank you message to our listeners.

 God is glorious in his saints!
 This is Dr Darren Ong. After 58 episodes and over 7000 downloads, I am going to stop making Christian Saints Podcast episodes for now. This podcast is either ending, or put it in an indefinite pause. I recorded this message to say thank you to all my listeners. It has been a big blessing to go on this journey with you. I have learned so much about how God has been working through the saints in all times and in all places, and I hope you have enjoyed getting to know these saints with me. 
 The Christian Saints Podcast was a pandemic lockdown project. Malaysia had fairly strict lockdowns during COVID, so I had a lot of free time to pursue this new project, and I am glad I did! But now with activities and events starting up again over here, I don’t have the time to commit to recording these episodes every week.
 Nevertheless, I think these saints stories deserve to be better known. I wanted to make this podcast because it seems to me that there wasn’t much content about the saints in digital media, not many videos about the saints on youtubes, not many podcast episodes that covered and reflected on these saints lives. I think this is a shame. I think we live in a time where telling these stories are more necessary than ever. In this age when is so much cynicism and hopelessness, these stories on the lives of the saints reminds us that God is not distant. He loves us, cares for us, and this love is manifest even in the most messed up of human beings. So I hope these stories will continue to get told, on these new digital platforms. Prayerfully consider if you and your church would like to share these stories of the saints. It is not hard to start a podcast or a YouTube channel. In any event, I urge you, all, every opportiunity you have, online or offline, read contemplate and pass on these stories of Christ and his saints.
 Thanks also to James John Marks, who has composed all the music to our podcast. Please do check out his music and
 And let us end this Podcast, for now, with a wonderful hymn for all saints day, composed by Saint Romanos the Melodist
 Having gathered from every city

And being our compatriots,

They came out from all the world,

And have taken us from the world,

And have made us participants in the feast.

Together with that above, creation below dances,

For the Angels cry out with us:

“O God, You are truly wondrous among Your Saints,

O Most-Merciful One.”